The Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site Tour

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We are currently putting together an online gallery of photographs taken by some of our many guests. If you have photos you took while on one of our tours and would like them included then please email them to us at


I do want to say again how wonderful it is that you are educating so many people on such an important subject, and that you invite people to take action, not just listen to the information, but you invite people to do more research and to look around to see what is happening today. - Joanna, Budapest, Hungary

Amazing tour! Our guide Jamie was great. He combined knowledge with passion to create a truely unforgetable experience. - Philip, Chicago, USA.

Moving and thought provoking - James, Cork, Ireland.

Best tour I've ever been on. This sort of quality is hard to come by these days. Our guide managed to illuminate this history for in a way that was both impressive and passionate. Well done! - Sarah, New York, USA.



Dear Jamie, Thanks for a memorable & moving tour of Dachau... we are still remebering that afternoon, Glad you were our guide Thanks! - Sheila & Chris, London, UK




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